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What is an administrative scrivener(Gyosei-shoshi?)

Administrative scriveners are engaged in the preparation of documents to be submitted to public offices and other documents related to rights and obligations or proof of facts (including drawings based on field surveys) at the request of others and receiving compensation. Also, change the procedure for submitting the created documents to the public office, or consult about the preparation of the documents. Our business is to respond to. * Administrative scriveners are obliged to keep confidential what they have learned in business by law. Please feel free to contact us.


About us Immigration Lawyer

Application agency administrative scrivener- Immigration Lawyer

When applying for a status of residence, the system that allows a person (lawyer / administrative scrivener) who is exempted from appearing and has been approved by the Director of the Immigration Bureau to act as an agent is called an application agency system. In other words, if you request a status of residence application from an application agency administrative scrivener, you do not have to go to the Immigration Bureau. . List of agency operations to the Immigration Bureau . Application for issuance of status of residence certification, application for permission to renew the period of stay, application for permission to change the status of residence, application for permanent residence (* special residence permit, special landing permit) * ・ ・ ・ Special residence permit and landing special permit are basically not applications but are petition procedures, distinguished from other general immigration applications/procedures, but of course we deal with them.

-Please use an administrative scrivener at such times- .

★ Those who are in a hurry to apply for a visa

★ Those who do not know whether permission will pass or who have once been denied permission

★ Those who want to invite foreign employees

★ Those who are considering applying for permanent residence

★ Those who want to leave it to a professional and concentrate on their work even during the visa application period

Our business contents include:

All kinds of visa prosdures including Naturalization :

-Application for certificate of eligibility /

Application for renewal of period of stay /

Application for change of status of residence /

Application for permanent residence /

Special permission for residence /

Our Vision, Our Concept

1. Based on our expertise in immigration law, ministerial ordinances, enforcement regulations, etc., we provide total support from preparation of application documents to application agency and recognition / permission of status of residence.

2. We will provide accurate services from the perspective of the client (client). As long as we take pride in our immigration bureau, we will always try to respond immediately.

3. We will try to provide high quality legal service with reasonable price.